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Operational personnel of the Nusa Agung Tabanan Police Target Foreigners and urge compliance with regulations

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TABANAN, – In Operation Nusa Agung 2023, Ops Personnel
Nusa Agung 2023, which is part of Task Force II, which consists of 3 complete small units conducts inspections of foreigners crossing the Bedugul tourist route, both heading to Ulundanu Beratan DTW, Eka Karya Bali Botanical Garden and heading to the Silas and the Bloom, all of which are located in Candikuning Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency. The activity took place on Sunday 6/25/2023 as well as on Monday 6/26/2023 operations were still being carried out targeting foreigners. In addition to checking the completeness of administrative driving documentation, an appeal was also made to foreigners.

Head of Tabanan Police Resort AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes., S.H., M.H, As Kasatgas Res through Head of Ops Tabanan Police Commissioner I Nyoman Sukadana, S.H., M.H., As head of planning and control Operation Operations Nusa Agung 2023 Tabanan Police said that “from the implementation of these activities the operations personnel succeeded in taking action against 1 foreign violators from Francis who live in the Kerobokan area, Badung because they do not use a safety helmet when driving on the highway, so a ticket is taken.” The Head of Operation for the Tabanan Police said

“We still appeal to tourists, especially foreign nationals who come to Bali, especially to the Regency Area to continue to comply with regulations in force in Indonesia, including to always respect the culture and the sacredness of culture and holy places / temples in Bali, don’t act recklessly. reckless driving on the main road. Don’t enter the temple area without the permission of the temple administrator or do anything that could trigger a commotion.” Close Head of Operation Tabanan Police

(Florencia/Tabanan Police Public Relations)

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